Anastasiya Kvitko wears red lingerie in Italy

The day starts in Como, located in the north of Italy, almost on the border with Switzerland and on the shores of Lake Como.

This city is spectacular because it is surrounded by the Italian Alps, and its streets have enviable architecture that shines even more with the presence of Anastasiya.

She starts the day with a photo session in front of the city’s cathedral, which is one of the most visited places.

Anastasiya Kvitko in front of the cathedral

Anastasiya delights me in a red dress that fits her perfectly, as I can see her flawlessly outlined curves.

She looks a bit serious, but maybe she is just nervous because of the number of people gathering to see her from the outside.

Wherever Anastasya goes, she always draws attention to her sculpted body, and here is no exception.

Anastasiya Kvitko in red dress

She has spent several hours on her hairstyle, which looks spectacular, with curls falling down her back to her hips.

Anastasiya stands on her back, and I get nervous at the sight of that enormous ass that also blows me away.

She starts feeling a little more comfortable with this photo shoot and now leans her arms on the railing as she lifts one of her legs.

Anastasiya Kvitko with a spectacular body

She looks so beautiful with those huge breasts that are just a little bit out of her dress, and she lets me see how soft, smooth, and juicy they are.

How I wish I could be by her side at that moment to grab her waist, squeeze her close to me and kiss her neck.

She enjoys the fresh city air and gets comfortable with this photo shoot.

Anastasiya Kvitko looks very sexy

Anastasiya’s red dress has a sexy slit that makes her look daring and defiant.

She knows very well that my imagination flies with this outfit, so she takes advantage of it to show off her leg and quickly seduces me.

The day looks spectacular to go out with Anastasiya anywhere, but she has other outfits prepared that will surprise me.

Anastasiya Kvitko wearing a diamond necklace

Resting on the couch, Anastasiya lets me admire her beautiful legs that look succulent, and to top it off, she removes one of the straps of her dress with her hand.

I can imagine what it would be like to have her entirely remove the dress and be left with only that diamond choker. I could spend hours admiring her beauty.

But the best is yet to come as she gets up to try on the final outfits for this photo shoot.

Anastasiya Kvitko lightly touching her breasts

Today is the day that Anastasiya has decided to wear red. On this occasion, she surprises me with this beautiful outfit with her fishnet stockings, gloves, and that golden chain around her waist.

She discreetly touches her breasts, crosses her legs, and looks away a little. I can’t tell what she’s thinking. I can only wait patiently to see what she surprises me with.

Anastasiya Kvitko lying on the floor by the window

Suddenly Anastasiya lies down on the floor next to a window through which the sun shines on her long hair.

I can see her huge breasts that can barely be contained by this outfit which completely clings to her skin and allows me to admire her figure.

I must confess that I especially like those folds that form in her skin between her hips and legs. It’s something I simply love about her.

Anastasiya Kvitko in red lingerie

It’s time to wear the last outfit of the day, and it’s a really sexy outfit that makes me imagine a night with her.

I can imagine coming home and being greeted by a woman like Anastasiya, looking as spectacular as she does.

I could see her in this red lingerie every night, but the biggest surprise was yet to come.

Anastasiya Kvitko showing her huge ass

I feel my blood boil as Anastasiya turns around, allowing me to see her from behind.

The movement of her hair as she turns around is so seductive, and I would like to slowly stroke it up and down until I reach her waist.

To take her by the hips and feel her warmth as she dances softly beside me moving her hips back and forth.

Anastasiya Kvitko sitting on the floor with her eyes closed

Finally, Anastasiya sits on the floor and closes her eyes as if allowing me to admire her closely.

Those earrings make her face glow more than usual, but I can’t take my eyes off those full lips I could bite all night.

Her bra can barely contain the immensity of her breasts, and they are joined by a tiny heart that is synonymous with my love for her.

The session ends, but Anastasiya has won my heart with this outfit and has me surrendered at her feet.