Dana Hamm visits the islands of French Polynesia

This place is paradise. Everywhere you turn, you come across some incredible scenery and spectacular views.

The day begins, and Dana is ready to start the tour wearing a sexy swimsuit that allows me to see her huge breasts.

With one hand, she grabs her snorkeling mask and heads for the beach but stops briefly to stare into my eyes as if asking if I’m ready.

Dana Hamm ready to go snorkeling

I would follow this beautiful woman anywhere, but I want to piss her off a little on this occasion, so I tell her I’d rather stay and rest.

Indeed Dana is not used to having her invitation turned down. With such a beautiful body, she is used to all men doing what she wants.

Dana Hamm with a sexy look

She simply turns around angrily to say that she hasn’t made such a long trip to stay and rest.

When Dana gets upset, she makes a unique face that makes her look beautiful. She purses her lips and opens her big green eyes as if she wants to eat you alive.

One can’t refuse Dana’s requests too much, especially when she puts her tits in your face and looks at you with that sensual gaze.

We set off on the trip, and she starts taking pictures of herself on the road next to giant trees.

Dana Hamm among the trees of the island

She loves nature and enjoys the ride on every island we go to, whether Tahiti, Bora Bora, or Moorea.

She poses for the camera every chance and always looks spectacular with those shapely legs and big breasts.

Dana Hamm in a black bikini showing her tits

When she gets to the beach, she makes herself comfortable sunbathing, wearing a spectacular bikini and a golden necklace that makes her look beautiful.

In the first picture, she lets her hair down and caresses it with one hand while holding the camera with the other.

Dana Hamm resting on a bed and taking a photo from above

This view from above lets me look at her huge tits, barely covered by the tiny bikini she has chosen.

Her belly button is perfect, and her waist is so tiny that it contrasts significantly with the enormity of her breasts.

Dana Hamm collects her hair and takes a photo

Although I love her lengthy hair, I enjoy it even more when Dana picks it up because I like to see her neck.

Especially now that she’s wearing that gold necklace, I can imagine kissing her neck for a long time.

There’s something I also like about Dana: when she wears glasses.

Dana Hamm wearing glasses in a swimsuit

It’s not common for her to wear glasses, but they make her look sexy and intellectual.

On this occasion, she takes the opportunity to read a little. At the same time, she continues to sunbathe, and I take the opportunity to put sunscreen on her back.

Dana Hamm lying on her stomach showing her buttocks

Watching Dana lying on her stomach is an unparalleled pleasure because, in addition to her big tits, she has a beautiful round ass.

Whenever I have the chance, I caress her buttocks, and this time I have not missed the opportunity to put sunscreen on her.

She heads to the bar for refreshing drinks to appease the heat.

Dana Hamm showing off her big round breasts

Everyone looks at her because she looks beautiful and is swaying her hips sensually as she walks along the beach.

The bartender is perplexed to have Dana in front of him and doesn’t know what to say, but she quickly orders him a couple of mojitos to cool off.

While waiting for her drinks, she sits on a chair, and I can only gaze at her beautiful body.

Dana Hamm seated showing her hips and breasts

Her legs are perfect, her abdomen looks spectacular, her tits are juicy, and her mouth is ready for a kiss.

Having a woman like that by your side is an indescribable feeling, and even more so, knowing that everyone around you envies you.

After finishing the drinks, Dana heads to a dock where she wants to take pictures.

Dana Hamm in a bikini on a paradise island

The view is spectacular, and the sun’s rays bring out the green color of the mountains and Dana’s beautiful hair.

She will probably spend the night in one of those huts over the water, and I would like to spend a few moments with her there.

Dana starts to feel more comfortable in this photo shoot and begins to give me her best poses.

Dana Hamm holds her hair with both hands and looks perfect

Using both hands, she pulls her hair up and her breasts out, which look beautiful and contrast with the mountains of the place.

How much I would like to climb those two mountains of Dana’s tonight. If only she gave me a chance, I would run my tongue over every inch of those huge tits.

Dana Hamm going down the stairs towards the water

Dana seems to hear my thoughts and turns to look at me with awe and extraordinary wonder.

I could stare all day at those big green eyes and lick those plump lips as I cup her hips and buttocks in my hands.

I am sure she will come down to the water in a few moments, and I can get in next to her and be completely naked.

The night begins to fall, and it’s time to go to dinner, so Dana takes a shower and gets ready to go out.

Dana Hamm in a black leather dress and her hair up

She wears a tight black dress and ties her hair up to highlight her neck, where she has put a miniature gold chain.

I prefer to stay in that hut instead of going out to dinner with her, but the day has been so busy that we need to eat something.

Dana Hamm waiting leaning against a railing

Dana turns to me, confirming that she wants something to eat, but assures me that when she returns, she will surprise me with something exceptional.

I put my hand on her waist, and we head to the restaurant to enjoy the sea breeze.

We have a spectacular evening, and Dana has a beautiful surprise for me on the way back.

Dana Hamm in bed in a very small bikini

She wears a tiny bikini that allows me to see her almost naked, and as she lies on the bed, I can see every part of her body.

She looks blissfully as if giving me permission to caress her body.

I am sure the night will be spectacular, and those moments will remain engraved in my mind for the rest of my days.