Demi Rose warming up the Caribbean Sea with her figure

Demi is in St. Lucia, an island in the Caribbean Sea. In this paradisiacal place, you can enjoy your days off to the fullest.

The trip has been tiring, but the night has been restorative, and Demi is ready to start the first day of adventures.

She wakes up early and sits by the window to watch the scenery.

Demi Rose by the window

She looks happy as she has been planning this trip for several weeks, which is now a reality.

Her body looks spectacular next to this large window where the first rays of sunlight begin to enter and illuminate her beautiful hair.

The air is so fresh that Demi does not want to move from the window, but getting ready for the day’s activities is necessary.

Demi Rose showing off her sexy legs

She asks for a couple more minutes to recharge her energy and have enough strength to continue.

She closes her eyes and grabs her hair with one hand while using one leg to caress the other, leaving me with my mouth open as I look at her stunning body.

Her legs are so beautiful, and her waist is so tiny that I would like to hug her and stay with her in the room instead of going anywhere.

Demi Rose showering in nature

Before leaving, Demi takes a shower in a showerhead that is outdoors and allows me to admire her from afar.

I can watch as she takes off her bra and just wish she would turn around so I could look at her juicy breasts.

Demi is naked in front of me, a few feet away, and my desire to get closer to her increases by the second.

Demi Rose naked taking a shower

I would love to put soap on her skin and help her wash every part of her body, but I must be patient to not spoil the day’s plans.

She finishes her shower and walks naked to the bedroom to put on some clothes while I wait outside.

The sun is already heating up, so Demi wears a reasonably light outfit.

Demi Rose looking spectacular in a bikini

I love looking at Demi’s body, especially when she walks toward me while holding her hair.

She comes up to me and asks me if I like her outfit, and I can only tell her that she looks gorgeous and that I am madly in love with her.

Demi Rose teasing her hair and showing off her huge tits

Now that I have her close, I can see that she is wearing a small chain around her waist which looks very sexy.

She is also wearing a necklace that I gave her before the trip, and she wears it to let me know that she likes my gift.

She keeps touching her hair, and I love that, but I love even more that she is wearing her breasts almost bare, and they look beautiful.

Demi Rose posing for a photograph

On the way to the beach, Demi stops for a little while to take pictures.

Her beauty stands out in the middle of nature, and her face looks angelic, and I can’t help but sigh as I admire her beauty.

I ask her to stand before me to see her breasts, and she immediately agrees.

Demi Rose looking into my eyes and showing her breasts

Demi is enjoying this walk in Santa Lucia; I can see it on her face. That transmits me peace and tranquility.

After a long walk, we reach the beach and walk for a while on the sand.

Demi Rose walking barefoot in the sea sand

The people around me start to look at Demi because her beauty stands out at all times, but she prefers to be away and alone with me.

She tells me that she really likes the place and asks me to take some pictures of her, so she starts to strike some poses.

Demi Rose happy on the beach

These photos will remain for the memory and will be a witness of how beautiful Demi looked on that occasion.

I can’t stop repeating it. I am in love with her breasts, which are perfect and leave me completely hypnotized.

I ask her to give me a picture where she lets me see those beautiful breasts while holding her hair in her hands.

Demi Rose taking her hair with her hands and giving me a kiss

Demi gives me this spectacular photo where she kisses me while playing with her hair.

I want to kiss her lips and gently caress her body while we show our love on this island in the Caribbean Sea.

The sun is already hot, so we go somewhere to have a refreshing drink.

Demi Rose drinking coconut water and showing her big ass

In the distance, Demi can see where they sell coconut water, so we head there.

She looks pretty thirsty because she is impatient to drink that water, but once they give her the coconut, she drinks calmly and relaxes.

We take a few more pictures, and now we head to a pool so she can get a little tan.

Demi Rose naked reclining on a chair sunbathing

We barely arrive, and Demi removes all her clothes and lays down on a beach chair with just a hat to cover her face from the sun.

The view is spectacular, the mountains in the background and Demi showing off her beautiful bare ass in front of me.

She knows her body delights my pupils and makes me suffer a little as she gets up naked and walks to the pool’s edge to lie on her stomach.

Demi Rose lying naked on her stomach reading a book by the pool

She picks up a book and stands there reading momentarily as she shifts her feet back and forth.

Demi seems to enjoy reading her book, and I appreciate her naked body.

I will jump in the pool, swim over to her, steal a kiss, and tell her I love her.

Demi Rose spreads her legs and shows her big breasts

It’s starting to get dark, and Demi gives me a fantastic picture of the sunset as she spreads her legs and grabs her hair with both hands.

Her beauty conquers me, and I want to lay on top of her on that couch while I passionately kiss her neck and breasts.

It’s almost time to return to the room, but first, we’ll take a picture on the beach.

Demi Rose at the beach with a pair of huge tits and open legs

Demi surprises me by running over to a rock, where she lies down and throws her head back, letting her long hair fall back.

Her breasts stand out in a big way and look beautiful in the falling sunlight.

But her posture looks even better when she spreads her legs and closes her eyes as if it is an invitation to kiss her passionately.

This has been a great day with Demi on the island of St. Lucia. We will undoubtedly return to this place where we are leaving many memories together.