Ennid Wong has an extraordinary gift for this Christmas season

Christmas is here, and it is a time when many gifts are given, and Ennid is a woman who loves to prepare unique gifts for her loved ones.

On this occasion, she seemed to have a wonderful surprise for me, but she didn’t want to reveal much about it, but she will give me that gift in her apartment.

The appointment is at sunset, and Ennid is already waiting at the door when I arrive.

Ennid Wong looking at me sensually

Anyone would be flattered to be received this way, and Ennid knows how to dress well for any occasion.

Ennid flashes a sly smile as she strokes her hair a little with her hand, and as she lifts her arm, she allows me to see her large breasts.

Her dress can barely hide her prominent attributes, and she looks like she feels comfortable.

Ennid Wong showing her big tits

Ennid opens both her arms as if blocking the way to the apartment, and apparently, she wants to surprise me.

I see her so sexy that I am sure her gift will be spectacular, and it will surely be worth the long wait.

She asks me if I like her outfit, and I can only reply that I love it, but I would like to see her from behind.

Ennid Wong showing huge ass

She slowly turns around and lets me see her enormous ass, which looks so tight in her dress that it is about to burst.

She has perfectly accessorized her outfit with beautiful fishnet stockings and silver shoes.

I put my hands on her hips and try to walk with her into the apartment, but again she stops me and tells me I must be patient.

Ennid Wong with hip-length hair

With her look, she is already telling me that the surprise she has in store will be even more significant.

We stand in the doorway, chatting for a while as I stroke her lengthy hair, and she stares into my eyes.

It’s tough to concentrate on having that pair of juicy tits in front of me, but I have to be patient to not ruin the surprise she has in store.

Ennid Wong with a sexy look

Finally, we enter the apartment and sit in the living room, but only momentarily as she gets up and tells me to wait because she is going to the bedroom to get my present.

In the meantime, I grab my cell phone to check some pending work, and in less time than I can imagine, I hear her yell my name from the bedroom, telling me to cover my eyes.

Every time she asks for something similar, it is because she will surprise me with something exceptional, so I place my hands over my face, leaving a small opening to look between my fingers.

Ennid Wong dressed as a sexy santa reindeer

Ennid leaves the bedroom and returns to the living room, and I can see that she is wearing a red dress that makes her look spectacular.

She just keeps telling me over and over again that I can’t see her yet. Still, the reality is that I am already enjoying her from the moment she comes out of the bedroom.

She stands in front of the Christmas tree, and I can see that her legs look beautiful, and her breasts look more prominent than usual.

Ennid Wong in a red fishnet dress

Finally, she tells me that I can open my eyes, and with a smile, she tells me that she is my Christmas present.

To tell you the truth, I never believed in Santa Claus, but with this kind of gift, I will be indebted to that gentleman for the rest of my life.

She asks me if I like my gift. I can only tell her that she looks spectacular and beautiful and that I have never received a similar offering.

Ennid Wong lifts her leg and shows her ass

Ennid pulls one of her legs up on the couch and asks me if I like seeing her dressed like that for me.

I reply that I am dying to caress her and to enjoy this wonderful gift she is giving me.

Ennid Wong about to spread her legs in front of me

She sits on the floor, and I will faint seeing her in such a pose.

With her sensual gaze, she tells me I have not yet seen all she has prepared for me.

I imagine she will slowly open her legs to show me the greatest gifts, but she turns and stands on her side.

Ennid Wong showing off her voluptuous hips

Ennid has a gorgeous body, and I am fortunate to have her in front of me, about to give me the most precious thing she has.

She is thrilled and makes me laugh a little with her reindeer antlers, and those red stockings make her look spectacular.

She turns to me and, with a smile, asks me if I’m ready for the next gift.

Ennid Wong almost naked looking me in the eye

Ennid takes off practically all her clothes and lets me admire her tanned skin and every one of her voluptuous curves.

She sits by the Christmas tree and tells me this is my big present.

I can’t take it anymore and pick her up to take her to the bedroom to open and savor that exquisite gift Santa has brought me this Christmas.