Genesis Lopez showing off her bikinis on a hot day

That Sunday, the forecast was scorching, so Genesis planned to spend the whole day at the pool having some refreshing drinks and a good time.

Plus, she could take the opportunity to try on some bikinis she had recently bought while getting a little tan.

Genesis woke up early to take advantage of the day and immediately headed to the dressing room to look for the bikinis she would try on.

Genesis Lopez showing off her big butt

Watching Genesis in the morning is a delight as she usually sleeps in a thong, and her ass looks spectacular when she wakes up.

I would be willing to watch her sleep and spend sleepless nights by her side to admire her beautiful figure every morning.

It would drive me crazy to wake up next to her every day, admiring her face and those beautiful eyes.

Genesis Lopez in incredible yellow bikini

But the day progressed, and Genesis had to start trying on her bikinis. The first one she chose was a stunning yellow color.

Those breasts look so juicy that they make you want to kiss them non-stop, and it would only be necessary to pull that yellow string to expose them.

And what to say about how she pulls the straps of her bikini as if she wanted to show us how beautiful her most intimate parts are.

But before heading to the pool, she decides to try on another bikini, probably to look better.

Genesis Lopez sitting poolside soaking up the sun

And boy, does she manage to impress me. Genesis has a flat stomach that makes her breasts look really huge.

She sits by the pool and soaks her feet a little while she closes her eyes to feel the warmth of the sun’s rays.

She has a sensational body, and I can’t take my eyes off her the whole time I think about how much I wish I could be next to her in that pool.

Genesis Lopez holding her hair with one hand and showing her tits

At that moment, Genesis takes her hair in her hand and gives us an incredible pose to admire her breasts.

It would be an excellent time to put suntan lotion on her as I wouldn’t want her soft skin to get burned.

I could volunteer to spread suntan lotion on every corner of her body.

Genesis Lopez taking her ass out of the water and smiling sensually

Without overthinking, Genesis jumps into the pool and begins doing daring poses, leaving her ass out of the water and giving me a flirtatious smile.

I’m already starting to feel hot from Genesis’s sensuality, which makes me boil.

Genesis emerges from the pool slowly, swaying her beautiful hips and spectacularly wiggling her ass.

She goes to get some drinks to cool off and takes the opportunity to change her outfit.

Genesis Lopez in orange bikini

When she returns, she makes herself comfortable in the pool again, but this time she dives deeper into the water, leaving her hair wet.

She continues to enjoy her drink as she lets the water caress every part of her body.

She stands up again and looks like she will get out of the pool, but she simply takes a few steps forward, sits down, bends her legs over the water, and lets me see her beautiful ass.

Genesis Lopez splashing the water with her buttocks

What a spectacular view this is! I can see her waist so tiny and her beautiful buttocks bouncing in the water.

She seems to realize I am really enjoying this pose and just turns to look at me with a bashful smile.

I would like to ask her to keep slapping the water with her buttocks, but she seems to want to go out and change again.

Genesis Lopez upside down showing off her big butt

Once she made the bikini change, I decided to go to the second level of the house to admire her beautiful body from there.

Genesis looks so beautiful in every bikini she has tried on that I need to get a more substantial drink to control my urges.

When I return to the pool, she has changed outfits again and seems to be waiting for me at the pool’s edge.

Genesis Lopez in a yellow bikini and her legs open ready to receive me

This is already too much! With this new outfit, my heart beats a mile a minute, and my head is about to explode.

I would immediately jump into that pool, pull her in, carry her with both arms and kiss her passionately.

I give an excellent rating to each of the Genesis bikinis. I would ask for this pool to be cleaned as soon as possible to repeat this experience.