Lyna Perez surprises me with a friend on the terrace

I love sunrises with Lyna because she almost always wakes up early and walks to the window to watch the sunrise.

The view for me is spectacular, not because of the light of a new day but because I can contemplate Lyna’s beautiful body.

Lyna Perez in panties by the window

Sometimes the weather is so lovely that she decides to go out on the terrace to walk around a bit.

She says she likes to walk barefoot on the terrace floor and listen to the creak of the wood as she walks.

Lyna Perez in shorts and tiny red blouse

This day is no exception, and Lyna takes a few moments on the terrace while I still rest in bed.

Although, to tell the truth, I like to stay in bed and watch her from there, contemplating every part of her beautiful body.

But this day will be different because Lyna takes a little time on the terrace and enters the house again to sit before me.

Lyna Perez looking at me seductively

She looks at me with very flirtatious eyes as she smiles and bites her finger as if she is about to say something important.

Lyna tells me that she has a surprise and that I shouldn’t be home late that night, that she can’t give me too many details but is sure she will surprise me.

I am left intrigued because I have yet to learn what Lyna is up to.

Lyna Perez in front of the mirror taking a selfie

She starts going about her typical day, doing her makeup and hair for hours on end while taking selfie after selfie.

She tries on multiple outfits until she finds the perfect company and finally leaves the house.

I’m thinking about the surprise Lyna will give me all day. I can barely concentrate because I know she sometimes has crazy ideas.

Lyna Perez sitting on the couch showing her breasts

When I get home, I open the door and see Lyna wearing sexy shorts and a tiny t-shirt that allows me to see the bottom of her breasts.

She gets up, kisses me on the cheek, and tells me I should go to the bedroom to change into more comfortable clothes because the surprise is coming.

Without a second thought, I go to the bedroom, feeling my heart pounding because I am excited about the surprise Lyna has prepared for me.

Lyna Perez playing Playstation

Upon returning, I find Lyna sitting beside her friend Julianne playing Playsation and wearing some very sexy outfits.

Boy, this is a delightful surprise! Lyna seems to have read my mind because I have always thought her friend was very sexy.

While they continued to play, I made them some drinks so they wouldn’t stop having fun, but this was just getting started.

Lyna Perez hugging and kissing Julianne

As the drinks started to pile up, Lyna and Julianne started getting very affectionate with each other.

Lyna would put her arm around Julianne’s waist and touch her ass, and they would chat a little while I felt my blood boil at the sight of their beautiful asses.

Lyna Perez taking a picture with Julianne

Suddenly they stood up and told me they wanted to go to the terrace but needed my help taking pictures.

It’s getting hot, and I don’t know how long I can stand the urge to remove their clothes.

But I took the camera and went to the terrace with them to take those pictures.

Lyna Perez on the terrace in her underwear with Julianne

They sit on the floor next to each other and touch their hair softly while I’m inspired by their beauty.

Julianne starts caressing her leg, and Lyna touches her breasts very gently, whispering things I can’t hear in her ear.

Lyna Perez rubbing her legs with Julianne on a couch

They get up to sit on an armchair, each on one of the armrests and intertwining their legs.

They turn to the camera with a sensual look and start caressing each other.

I am already sweating, and my hand shakes every time I try to take a picture.

Lyna Perez showing her beautiful ass while climbing the stairs of the terrace

I am surprised when they get up and tell me they are enough with the pictures. It’s time to go into the house.

They start strolling, moving their hips, and holding hands. They ask me to follow them.

Lyna Perez lying on her stomach showing her juicy round ass

As we enter the house, they lie down on their stomachs, and I have an incredible view of their asses.

I’m ready to lie between them and kiss them passionately while touching their juicy asses.

I can’t tell you the details of that night, but suffice it to say that we ended up exhausted.

Lyna Perez resting in bed next to Julianne

At dawn, Lyna was lying on Juliane’s back, completely exhausted from all we had done the night before.

Her breasts were flushed from the passionate way I had kissed her. All indications were that Julianne had also had an incredible night.

They would have wanted breakfast soon, but instead, they suggested a walk on the beach.

Lyna Perez taking fun photos with Julianne on the road

Along the way, they were happily taking pictures and enjoying the scenery.

They were both wearing beautiful swimsuits that highlighted their figures and reminded me of the wonderful moments of the night before.

Lyna Perez playing Twister with Julianne dressed provocatively

Suddenly they started to get very playful, and it looked like they were already competing for something.

It is very sexy to see two women competing, especially when dressed provocatively.

But it was all a game, and we went on our way after a while.

Lyna Perez in a bikini hugging Julianne and watching the sunrise

We arrived at the beach to watch the sunrise and enjoy the moment.

I could not forget Lyna took Julianne by the waist as they watched the sun.

Their bodies looked magnificent, and we took advantage of the moment now that the beach was alone.

Lyna Perez whispering things in Julianne's ear

The experience with Julianne ends, and I can tell she has enjoyed it because as they say goodbye to Lyna, they whisper in each other’s ears that we must repeat the experience.

Julianne smiles and assures me there will soon be another opportunity to be together and repeat those pleasant moments.

We say goodbye, but my surprise is not over yet.

Lyna Perez wearing a very sexy black negligee that highlights her breasts

Upon returning home, Lyna takes me back to the terrace and puts on an incredibly sexy negligee that lets me see how round and huge her breasts are.

She kneels down, spreads her legs, strokes her hair, and takes my hand to sit next to her.

She kisses me passionately, tells me how much she has enjoyed our time together and will invite Julianne back soon.

I hope that happens soon because I have enjoyed it immensely. In the meantime, I will stay on the terrace with Lyna to undress her and kiss her tenderly.