Olivia Casta and her glamorous photo session

That Monday morning, Olivia wakes up in a good mood, as she does every day, ready to get started with the week’s activities.

The weekend has been restful, and Olivia has had enough rest for all the work ahead in the next few days.

She usually sleeps nude because it helps her sleep quality and lowers her blood pressure.

Olivia Casta waking up in the morning

The truth is, that’s of little importance to me. The best part is seeing Olivia when she has just woken up is a delight.

She only uses the sheets to cover herself when someone enters the room. However, seeing her beautiful breasts that look radiant in the morning is still possible.

Seeing me so early, she looks at me admiringly, but I remind her that she has a photo shoot that day.

Olivia Casta with an intriguing look

Olivia seems to have forgotten because she makes a worried face as if she doesn’t know what to do.

Apparently, she didn’t remember that critical appointment, and now she is worried because she doesn’t have the outfit she will wear for the session ready.

She immediately gets out of bed to put on some clothes while still thinking about what she will do to get her outfit ready.

Olivia Casta holding her hair with one hand

Olivia looks worried and anxious, but I’m sure everything will work out in the meantime as I stare at her beautiful breasts.

She is young, but that doesn’t mean she lacks developing feminine attributes.

On the contrary, Olivia has a spectacular body that she knows how to show off at any time and in any circumstance.

Olivia Casta lying on the bed

She lies on the bed and looks at me as if asking for help. I just tell her to stay calm, that everything will be fine.

However, she doesn’t stop worrying because the outfit she planned to wear was sent for alterations.

I wouldn’t be so worried. The truth is that Olivia looks spectacular in any dress or garment she wears.

Olivia Casta semi naked looking into my eyes

Although, come to think of it, when she is scantily clad, she looks spectacular, especially when she shows off her round succulent ass.

Olivia has a face of innocence, but she is a very sensual woman who captivates anyone who sees her.

She was apprehensive about her photoshoot this time, but I started giving her ideas to solve the problem.

Olivia Casta showing her beautiful breasts

Gradually she changes her worried face and realizes that there may be other options for her outfit.

She recalls other times when she has been in similar trouble, and ultimately the problem was solved.

For now, enough of getting so distressed, I better suggest she have breakfast and enjoy some food instead of continuing to add to the distress.

Olivia Casta eating pasta while we chat

Many might think of having cereal for breakfast. Still, Olivia is very different and prefers some pasta to get her strength for the day.

As she eats her breakfast, I can see her angelic face with that smile that completely captivates my attention.

Her hair highlights her beautiful face without forgetting that she has lovely eyes that transmit tenderness.

Her breasts are magnificent, and I won’t stop looking at them every time she takes some pasta and brings it slowly to her mouth.

Olivia Casta scantily clad by the fireplace

Breakfast is over, and Olivia goes into the living room and sits by the fireplace because the morning is still cool, and she is scantily clad.

Her yellow socks leave me wondering what her feet look like, but I am content to admire her slender, contoured legs.

She seems shy, but her smile conveys the warmth and confidence needed in these distressed moments.

Olivia Casta wearing a lace bra

As we talk about options to solve the problem, she remembers that she recently bought some clothes that might be useful.

It would be best for her to try them on, and I can give her my opinion.

Anyone would want to be in my shoes, be alone with Olivia, and witness a scantily clad modeling session.

Olivia Casta taking a picture in the mirror

I almost died with the first dress she tried on because she let me see her naked body from the waist down.

It’s a black dress with a big slit up the leg, and Olivia wears it with great charm, especially when she lifts her leg up on a chair and lets me see her beautiful ass.

She is unsure about this outfit but decides to take some pictures for later viewing.

Olivia Casta sitting on a chair looking sexy

She sits on the chair in front of the mirror and asks my opinion about the dress.

I am speechless to see her so beautifully modeling for me, but I tell her I prefer to see the other models she has prepared.

I can’t pass up the opportunity to watch Olivia change clothes in front of me and see her so sexy in different dresses.

Olivia Casta with her tits overflowing through a net

Olivia shows me her breasts, so beautiful, in a blue-colored outfit with a net that can barely contain those boobs.

She looks sensual in this garment and could seduce me instantly. I would love to slowly remove that little string holding those juicy breasts.

But let’s move on to the next outfit, which will also be beautiful.

Olivia Casta with brown hair looking beautiful

Olivia wears a white dress that fits her body tightly but has such a plunging neckline that both her tits overflow.

Her hair is beautiful with those curls that reach down her back that I would love to caress with my hands.

She has a spectacular scent. Just by getting close, one can perceive her lovely scent.

Olivia Casta showing her tits

I’ve let my imagination run wild, and Olivia asks me what I’m thinking, but I’d rather keep quiet for now and concentrate on the task at hand.

I tell her she looks great, but I want to see her from the front, so she turns a little to face me.

Olivia Casta in a fitted dress that highlights her figure

I have no words to describe Olivia’s beautiful and fantastic figure.

I want to hold her arms tightly and passionately kiss her neck and those beautiful breasts.

She has almost tried on all the outfits in mind, so she puts on a different one.

Olivia Casta face down showing her bare ass

When she returns, she lies face down on the bed with a look that intrigues me because I don’t know what she is thinking.

She says she solved the problem and found the right outfit for the photo shoot.

I hardly pay attention because all I can see is her beautiful ass and bouncing buttocks as she plays, moving her feet back and forth.

Olivia Casta in a fur outfit and black stockings

She surprises me with a skin-tight, body-hugging outfit that highlights her breasts and plans to wear it with black stockings.

She looks spectacular in this outfit, and I can only applaud her decision because it was the best outfit she has worn so far.

Finally, the photo shoot is a success taking the pictures on the terrace and sitting on a lawn chair showing off her sculpted figure.

I look forward to the next photo shoot to witness again the parade of outfits that Olivia has given me this time.