Violet Summers sets the city of Spokane on fire

After a long drive, we reached the city of Spokane in Washington, and we stopped briefly to rest a bit.

We are in the middle of the city, and Violet takes the opportunity to take some pictures, but the truth is that she looks a little tired.

Violet Summers in the city of Spokane

It’s no wonder since we have been traveling for so many hours, but Violet is determined to enjoy the hours we spend in this place.

As she looks around, the cars stop briefly as they pass in front of her, and she seems lovely, wearing a little blouse that shows off her waist.

I asked her if she wanted to walk around the city, and she immediately turned to me with a huge smile as if it was exactly what she was waiting for.

Violet Summers smiling and showing her abdomen

We start walking through the streets of the city, and she takes every opportunity to take some pictures.

Violet is very flirtatious and likes to go around smiling and modeling her outfit.

She usually invests a lot of time getting dressed up in the mornings to look spectacular because she knows she will always take pictures.

Violet Summers wearing skinny jeans

After walking for a while, we should go to Riverfront Park, an urban park with spectacular views.

Violet immediately accepts, and we head towards that place which is located in the center of the city.

Violet Summers in a photo shoot on a bridge

As soon as we arrive, she starts looking for locations for the pictures and finds a bridge where she immediately takes the first pictures.

Violet looks like a little girl who gets excited about anything and shows it by swinging on the park railings.

Violet Summers swinging on a railing

Anyone would fall for the sweetness and innocence of this beautiful woman who gradually transforms herself during the photo session.

I suggest she remove some clothes because it is boiling and I want to see her beautiful body.

Violet Summers wearing sunglasses and looking sexy

She turns to look at me and smiles because she knows that’s what I enjoy most about her photo sessions.

That’s when Violet starts to walk sensually across the bridge, and with her hands, she takes her pants and pulls them down little by little.

Violet Summers showing her beautiful ass

The view is spectacular. Behind me is the blue sky full of clouds and a beautiful woman in front of me who allows me to see her beautiful naked ass.

Violet has beautiful buttocks, and she knows how to make the most of them because she knows I could spend hours watching her from behind.

Violet Summers grabbing her buttocks while looking back

She smiles at me and tells me to get closer to take better pictures, so I immediately run over to her to get a better view of her body.

As I get closer, I admire her body and tiny waist, and my desire to touch her skin increases with every step I take.

Violet Summers shows off her big bare butt

My camera doesn’t stop shooting, and I’m taking many pictures because I don’t want to miss any of his movements.

Luckily there is no one in the park at the moment. Otherwise, we would already have some admirers hanging around.

Violet Summers has a spectacular body

The air starts to play with Violer’s hair, and I love that because it makes her move back and forth and allows me to capture different angles of her ass.

For an instant, I crouch down and can take a picture from below, which is spectacular because I can appreciate Violet’s beautiful buttocks bouncing back and forth.

Violet Summers raises her buttocks and turns to the camera

She is not intimidated by my closeness, much less feels pity for the camera lens. On the contrary, seeing me close, she gets excited and starts to do more sexy poses.

Violet moves back and forth, swaying her hips sensually so that I feel like the bridge is about to burst into flames.

Violet Summers smiles for the camera while showing off her butt

I am so close to Violet that she notices and smiles, telling me if I want to touch her.

Of course, I would, but I don’t want the show to end at that point. I want to continue this photo shoot for a bit longer.

We make our way to the other side of the bridge, where she keeps doing sexy poses.

Violet Summers walks bare-ass on the bridge

Without thinking about it, it has already taken us several hours to visit this park, and it is time to find something to eat.

We decide to walk back downtown to go to a restaurant. Still on the way, Violet insists on continuing this hot photo session.

Violet Summers in an empty parking lot

We are in an empty parking lot, and she liked this location to take some pictures.

Without thinking, she turns to the left and pulls up her sweatshirt to show me her ass again.

Violet Summers shows her beautiful butt

I applauded her initiative and told her to continue modeling for me, and that’s when she started doing the best poses.

She grabs her hair with one of her hands, and with the other, she fiddles a little with the sweatshirt as if she intends to take it off completely.

Violet Summers moves her hips while holding her hair braids

To my surprise, she used both hands to remove the sweatshirt, which also turned me on.

To top it off, Violet does a sensual dance as she plays with me, tricking me that she will take off her clothes right there.

Violet Summers tricks me that she'll take her clothes off

She knows how to play with me and push me to my limits, and I only hold back because we are in a public place.

Eventually, we continue our walk through the streets of Spokane, which are seemingly alone, allowing Violet to walk around scantily clad.

Violet Summers turns to me while showing her ass

She looks at me as if asking me if I like what I am observing and if I want her to continue with this game which makes me desirous.

While she is looking at the store windows, I take the opportunity to take some additional pictures of her.

Violet Summers looking at the sideboards almost naked

It’s incredible how beautiful Violet is and how lucky I am to be walking alone with her in these streets.

The best thing to do is not to go to a restaurant but to go to the hotel room and finish removing the clothes she insists on removing.

Violet Summers wearing only a sweatshirt

I go up to her and whisper in her ear that I want us to go to the hotel, and she just smiles and tells me that she thought I would never suggest it.

What an afternoon we have spent together, and the best is yet to come, so I take her hand, and we head to the hotel.

Violet Summers in the bathroom looking at me in the mirror

She heads for the bathroom when we arrive, but I follow and watch her from the doorway. I take a picture of her, but Violet notices and smiles.

She plays with her thong with one of her hands and asks me if I want her to take it off. I just freeze with excitement at the sight of her.

Violet Summers wearing a red thong while touching her hair

She quickly turns to where I am and asks me if I’m ready for what’s next, to which I just nod my head.

I ask her what’s next, and she simply tells me to follow her, that I won’t regret what’s coming.

Violet Summers naked in a bathtub with roses

Violet undresses before me, leaving on a tiny bra that barely covers her nipples.

She delicately walks to the tub and slowly immerses herself as she lies down and takes a rose in her hand.

She turns to look at me, holds out her hand for me to take it, and pulls me into the tub, slowly asking me to get in with her.

That was a fantastic night, and I will never forget that evening we stopped in Spokane, which ended in the best possible way: in the tub with Violet.